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Denture creams containing zinc could have caused nerve damage! Symptoms include numbness, tingling or pain in the limbs, muscle weakness, hand cramping, difficulty walking, paralysis.

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   Kline & Specter, P.C., is a law firm now accepting denture cream zinc poisoning cases from clients nationwide for litigation in Philadelphia.

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n  Some 30 top lawyers, six of them also doctors

n  Free case evaluations for denture cream lawsuits

n  A proven record of major verdicts and settlements

Denture creams containing zinc have been associated with zinc poisoning leading to crippling neurological injuries.

Many lawsuits have followed against Fixodent and generic or drugstore brands.

The danger with the products comes when they are used excessively and over long periods and cause a buildup of zinc in the body. This zinc overload can prevent the necessary absorption of copper, which in turn can produce neurological symptoms.

One of the nation’s leading law firms equipped to handle denture adhesive cases is Kline & Specter, P.C., which has some 30 attorneys, including six who are also doctors, and a staff exceeding 100. The Philadelphia-based firm is currently handling many cases from across the nation and is liaison counsel for the denture cream cases and a leader in the litigation, with many of the cases centered in Philadelphia.




DISCLAIMER:Kline & Specter handles cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. For cases outside those states, Kline & Specter works with local attorneys in each state as applicable.

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